Testimonial - Marwin Silerio

Testimonials | Marwin Silerio

I entered the health & fitness industry early 2016 with a Level 4 Diploma in Personal Training. I used my first year to experience the market and figure out who my skills and personality best suited.

Instead of clarifying my target market, I swiftly found out how deep and how broad the health industry really was (the overabundance of conflicting information was overwhelming!) and in order for me to accelerate my growth, I needed mentoring and leadership.

In 2017 I signed with NZSI for an 8-month Mentoring Program. 

These 8 months were filled with the most practical types of learnings I’ve ever encountered. My coach, Ali Khalil Beigi, believed that “you must always practice what you preach” and the information always came with the experience. To this day, I believe this is the best way of learning.

Though we covered an extensive array of subjects like nutrition and supplementation - all with the purpose to unlock our potential to best serve people - I feel the one that I got the most value out of was the subject of Program Design.

This helped me clarify the journey of each of my clients and gave me an arsenal of scientifically proven exercises and combinations to get them to their goals safely, efficiently and sustainably. 


Through the merging and continuous application of the knowledge NZSI has taught me, I have found extreme clarity on my niche market, discovered how I can authentically serve myself through serving others and collected accolades as one of the top Personal Trainers at Les Mills.


I finished my 2017 financials $20K over than my previous year and this continues to rise as I continue to build upon the foundations I learned through this course.

I highly recommend this course for aspiring trainers and coaches who wishes to build strong foundations for exponential growth in their businesses!

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