Design for Health (DFH)

Design For Health

Design for Health brand is a professional US based brand offer top quality natural health supplements exclusively to health care professionals and their patients. Started In 1989, as a family-owned company offering nutritional consultation and educational services, firmly established in functional nutrition and natural medicine. More than 30 years later, they have stayed committed to the quality and integrity of their products.

Design for health Commitment to You: Science-First

Science-FirstDesign for Health is the leading innovator in high quality nutritional supplements, using science-based quantities of synergistic formulations. They have one of the largest range of heath supplements lines in the world. They have proved to deliver only the best, evidence-based, research-driven products to their practitioners and their patients.

Design for Health Products in New Zealand

We are proud at NZSI to be offering Design for Health products to our patients, improving their health and wellbeing.