At NZSI, we are proud to offer MitoQ products to our customers. MitoQ has been developed in New Zealand with their story beginning with a single molecule. 

MitoQ started in the late 1990s at the University of Otago, when their founders, Mike Murphy and Robin Smith, scientists professors, dug deeper into understanding and eventually curing serious health issues. They were trying to understand why most antioxidant supplements, such as CoQ10 aren’t as effective in curing some diseases. Regular antioxidant supplements were effective only to the point of getting into the bloodstream and are ineffective as to penetrating the mitochondria itself. They discovered that a targeted antioxidant molecule can potentially get the better of this issue. Where? In the very first place it happens, deep inside cells. MitoQ is absorbed by the mitochondria of cells, where many oxidative reactions take place. 

MitoQ is a mitochondria-targeted antioxidant. It’s reported to support healthy aging and has phenomenal anti-aging properties. MitoQ has been and continues to be used in numerous clinical trials. It has been shown in a trial that MitoQ improves arterial dilation in healthy adults by 42%. This shows a promising treatment for age-related vascular dysfunction. 

Every day in our lives we are exposed to harmful substances whether it’s what we consume i.e. poor diet, smoking, alcohol, or our environment i.e. pollution and UV radiation. Gradually free radicals build-up can lead to health issues, such as low energy, brain fog, fatigue and even cancer. MitoQ is the first antioxidant molecule in the world that fights cellular stress directly, which results in boosted energy. 

Some other benefits of MitoQ supplements are:

  • Faster recovery from exercise 
  • Promotes more energy 
  • Immunity support

MitoQ supplements are New Zealand made, easy to swallow, made in GMP certified facilities, and made with no harmful chemicals. 

*We suggest people take MitoQ for at least 3 months to allow it to take effect.