OligoScan in New Zealand Strength Institute

Oligo Scan in New Zealand

The OligoScan device uses an innovative and revolutionary technology to check minerals, trace elements, and heavy metals, providing the fastest turn around results in the world. The pain-free, non-invasive test does not require the traditionally used but now outdated urine, hair, or blood specimens. These methods are useful but have many drawbacks as they only test what’s excreted, or currently circulating in the blood. They are not accurate for minerals and heavy metals that are INSIDE THE CELL (intracellular burden). Additionally, all chelating or challenge agents (DMSA, DMPS, EDTA, etc) can be hard on the kidneys, and are biased for certain minerals….mainly lead and/or mercury. You need the whole picture, not just a few. The OligoScan device is gently placed on your hand in a key 3-point sequence and collects data which is processed to the new software OLIGOLAB.

Oligo Scan with computers in New Zealand Strength Institute


How different is OligoScan it from other testing methods?

OligoScan is designed for precise evaluation of bioavailability of minerals, trace elements and the rate of toxic metals in living tissues. The measurement is made on the surface of the hand. The advantage of epidermis analysis as opposed to a secretion one is that it gives more stable picture. Indeed, the test of the urine can show what that the body excretes. The hair provides information about what happened in the body a few weeks or months ago. The blood shows what circulates. The OligoScan balance sheet allows us to observe what is in the tissue and therefore to assess intra-tissular BIO-AVAILABILITY. But all these measurements are complementary.

What are OligoScan advantages for the patient?

The patient gets his test results in “real time” for an affordable price, with the possibility of immediate interpretation. The evolution of results can be monitored over time.

OligoScan 15 minutes $120 (inc. GST)  Results will be emailed after the session
OligoScan with Written Report 15 minutes $180 (inc. GST) Result will be emailed in 3-5 days