• Nutrition Consultation

    In your 90-minute one-on-one nutrition consultation, we'll focus on your specific health challenges and goals. Our recommendations are personalised to your needs and preferences, whether you choose online or in-person sessions in Auckland. For in-person consultations, we offer a BioPrint/BioSignature (Metabolic Analytic) assessment to deepen our understanding. You'll also receive a customised supplementation plan to support your journey towards better health.

    $250 (including GST)

  • Metabolic Analytics (BioPrint)

    A Metabolic analytics (BioPrint/ BioSignature) assessment typically takes about 30 minutes and involves using callipers to provide detailed assessments of body composition across 14 specific sites. By analysing body composition and fat distribution patterns, these assessments offer a comprehensive understanding of metabolic imbalances and hormonal fluctuations. This insight enables targeted interventions to optimise health and performance, including personalised strategies for nutrition, exercise, and supplementation tailored to individual needs.

    $75 (including GST)

  • Follow-up Session

    The 30-minute follow-up session is designed to provide ongoing support and guidance following your initial nutrition consultation. During this session, I'll review your progress, address any challenges or questions you may have encountered, and make any necessary adjustments to your personalised plan. Whether you're seeking clarification on dietary recommendations, require additional motivation, or want to fine-tune your strategies for success, our follow-up session is tailored to meet your evolving needs. Together, I'll ensure you stay on track towards achieving your health and wellness goals.

    $75 (including GST)