Nutrition Consultation

Nutrition Consultation in New Zealand

As part of our service, we advise our clients on how to improve their diet, habits, and lifestyle. To achieve a better understanding of individual clients’ needs, clients are asked to answer a set of questionnaires. Answers from these questioners, as well as data from BioPrint Modulation, will be used to design curated diet, supplementation, and recovery plans.  

BioPrint Modulation or Metabolic Analytics 

Initially designed by Charles Poliquin and used for more than 30 years, BioPrint Modulation is a method for measuring the serum concentrations of crucial hormones in the body without the need for a blood test. The process is carried out using a calliper to measure the skinfold thickness of 14 different sites on the body.   

Nutrition Consultation in New Zealand

This method is an especially helpful one for uncovering underlying issues with metabolism and fat loss. The storage of fat on specific sites of the body may be an indication that an underlying hormonal imbalance is present. Moreover, hormones centralise or decentralise the distribution patterns of fat in the body. Through identifying which hormones are at an unhealthy balance, we can address the underlying issues through a combination of training, nutrition, as well as supplementation.  

Once the body’s hormones are returned to a healthy balance, undesirable fat storage patterns will follow suit and reach an optimal balance. This system provides us with an understanding of the hormonal and chemical composition of your body, allowing for the design of individual solutions to better address client goals.  


Hormones are another important player in health and wellbeing. Put simply, hormones are chemicals produced by the glands in our endocrine system. Hormones act as chemical messengers which are released directly into the bloodstream, and which direct the body to perform a specific action.  

Nutrition Consultation

Approximately, 50 hormones regulate the functioning of the human body, including functions such as metabolism, mood, sexual health, and growth and development. The endocrine system is tightly linked to the body’s nervous system and works in conjunction with it, stimulating or inhibiting nerve impulses. This, in turn, controls the release of hormones into the bloodstream. 

Therefore, issues with hormone function can have wide-ranging negative effects on the body. Balanced hormones are also crucial in maintaining lean muscle mass. At NZSI, we work with each client to reach their optimal hormone levels and help regain balanced hormone levels through supplementation, lifestyle changes, diet, and recovery.  


An efficient health and training program keeps in mind the body’s need for recovery. For the body’s systems to function optimally, proper recovery time and habits are essential. The endocrine system, the nervous system as well as muscular and structural systems all need appropriate care and recovery. As part of our service, we assist clients in creating a healthy homeostasis in the body through nutritional planning, supplementation and specific breathing techniques. 

Gut Health 

Gastrointestinal health in individuals can also help indicate underlying health issues. The human digestive tract is host to a vast number of microorganisms, many of which confer important benefits to the human body. Collectively called the gut microbiome or the gut flora, these microbes outnumber human cells at a ratio of 10 to 1 and have established a mutually beneficial relationship with the human body.  

Changes in the microbiome balance as a result of diet, lifestyle, and infections disturb and negatively alter the human body. Microbiome imbalances affect the immune system, physical health, and mental health among others. Therefore, maintaining the right balance of microbiome is vitally important to human health. While many of the microorganisms present in the microbiome are beneficial, others can be harmful, especially in large numbers. 

We recommend that our clients undergo a blood test and a microbiome test. While this is not compulsory, it aids us in identifying trouble spots and solutions. The result of the tests will guide the exact next steps to be taken, and aid in designing a more effective program that will improve the gut microbiome and enhance overall health.  


The creation of a suitable supplementation plan is also crucial in ensuring optimal health. Both vitamins and minerals are considered essential nutrients for healthy growth and development. However, not all of the nutrients needed by the body are always provided through food. Readings from the BioPrint analysis as well as supplementary data from the questionnaires will be used in designing an appropriate protocol for a curated supplementation plan.  

Food Allergies / Intolerances 

A food allergy is an unnecessary and sometimes dangerous response of the immune system to a harmless food. A food intolerance, on the other hand, is the digestive and chemical complications which occur as a result of consuming certain food products. These unnecessary reactions to food products can have short and long term impacts, ranging from inflammation and sneezing to autoimmune diseases and neurological disorders. 

If clients show an immune response at any part of the program, or if they have existing allergies, we suggest performing an allergy test to identify and eliminate allergies and intolerances. This is recommended to help avoid any complications during the program, and to best care for your body in the way that it needs.  


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