Oscar Luiz Junior

Ali has not only coached me to huge strength increase in my own training but also helped progress my own business as a strength conditioning coach. 

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Marwin Sirerio

In 2017 I signed with NZSI for an 8-month Mentoring Program which were filled with the most practical types of learnings I’ve ever encountered. 

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 James Hassell

Within a few months my main lifts increased at least 10%, which was impressive given I was already a committed trainee of 8 years.

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 Juliet Esveld

Ali supported my physical and mental health, as well as ensuring I progressed with training. He uses scientific methods to tailor training programs

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Matthew Cockram

Ali is highly informed and knowledgeable about all aspects of health, fitness and well-being. He brings all of these skills and qualities to bear in his training. He is more than a trainer 

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Chris Irvine

Ali invests in building his knowledge and continues to provide strength programmes which are testing and push me forward. I’ve been so impressed that I’ve recommended Ali to my daughter and friends.

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  Marcus Gerbich

Ali is always thinking of ways to make my body perform better, and live healthier. Over the years he has also trained my wife and children, improving their nutrition and physical condition enormously.

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Wayne Maguire

I have to apologise every time I see him as with my other sports and activities I keep ripping and breaking things. So, like a pit crew he's fixing, correcting, protecting and supporting my challenges (injuries) along with keeping me fit and strong. 

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