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Ali Khalil Beigi

Ali Khalil BeigiBorn and raised in Tehran, Ali Khalil Beigi demonstrated a natural athletic ability from an early age. Always surrounded by athletes, trainers and coaches while he was growing up inspired Ali’s early interest in becoming a coach himself. Always passionate about sports and fitness, he became exceptionally skilled across a number of codes. His formative years were distinguished by outstanding success primarily in snowboard racing but also in karate, swimming and mountain biking. He went on to become a sought-after strength and conditioning coach in Iran where he trained some of Iran’s top athletes in a variety of sports such as snowboarding, skiing, kick boxing, swimming, tennis and gymnastics. Ali raced as part of the Iranian National Snowboard racing league and was about to represent Iran in snowboard racing when he broke his shoulder - one in a string of injuries Ali has suffered over the years. This life-changing incident ignited his interest in pain management and strength coaching for high-achieving athletes. His work with athletes at the top of their game in Iran was one of the reasons made the move to New Zealand in 2011 to upskill in Strength Conditioning as well as snowboarding. After upgrading his coaching qualifications, he started at Les Mills gym in Auckland as a strength and conditioning coach– where he still works.

Ali’s coaching and training journey has been underscored by “aha” moments strongly influenced by two giants of the athlete performance industry. The first, the late Charles R. Poliquin considered the most successful strength coach in history based his teachings and philosophy on functional Nutrition Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine and weight training. This introduced Ali to a holistic approach to strength training which he has fine-tuned and adapted into his current methodology. Ali has also adapted the patented techniques of Dr P. Michael Leahy. The Active Release Technique™ is designed to address the soft tissue disorders elite athletes are susceptible to. These two men have been Ali’s greatest teachers and made him the talented strength coach he is today.

Ali’s most recent research and study has seen him take a deep dive into the cracking of the body’s metabolic code. His knowledge of bio printing, naturopathic philosophies, and functional nutrition medicine is integrated into his teachings. This opens up the concept of a holistic full-body health experience that is profoundly positive for his clients. Ali’s goal is to completely change the way people feel about their health enabling them to reach optimal health and performance. The NZSI Foundation is built on all the years of Ali’s training with top conditioning coaches and is augmented by his education through the completion of a number of international courses with them. Ali and the Institute aim to create and mentor the best personal trainers in this industry as well as to coach athletes, provide training, and to educate on nutrition and supplementation services to athletes and the general public.