About Ali

Meet Ali Khalil Beigi, the multifaceted force behind NZSI. With over 20 years of experience in training athletes and individuals from all walks of life, Ali's expertise is as diverse as it is deep. Trained under the mentorship of legendary coach Charles Poliquin, Ali's programme design prowess is matched only by his unwavering commitment to his clients' success.

Drawing inspiration from the principle "You can't fire a cannon from a canoe," instilled in him by his mentor, Ali's philosophy emphasises the importance of a solid foundation for achieving optimal results. His global pursuit of knowledge has led him to study and train across Asia, Australasia, and North America, rubbing shoulders with renowned coaches like Paul Chek, Professor Stuart McGill, Louie Simmons, Ian King, Ed Coan, Dr. Ken Kinakin, Dr. Michael Leahy, Stephane Cazeault, and Carlos Castro.

But Ali's journey doesn't stop at physical training. As the holistic nutrition practitioner at NZSI, he delves into the intricate connections between nutrition, lifestyle, and well-being. Inspired by his personal journey with ADHD, Ali offers a comprehensive approach to health, addressing issues ranging from digestive disorders to hormonal imbalances with personalised dietary guidance and advanced functional testing.

Join Ali on a transformative journey towards vibrant health and optimal performance at NZSI. Together, let's uncover the root causes of your health concerns and craft a bespoke plan for sustainable balance and vitality. With Ali's guidance, you'll not only achieve your goals swiftly and safely but also gain the knowledge and strategies necessary for a future where your health thrives.