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    Dr. Wilson's

    ADRENAL C FORMULA - 90'S Dr Wilson's

    ADRENAL C FORMULA - 90'S Dr Wilson's

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    ADRENAL C FORMULA - 90'S In New Zealand 

    Adrenal C Formula® is specifically formulated to meet the increased demand for vitamin C created by stress and adrenal fatigue. It provides ascorbic acid reacted with minerals essential to the adrenal hormone cascade. These chelated mineral ascorbates deliver bioavailable vitamin C in a buffered form to minimize gastric irritation and avoid increasing systemic acidity associated with stress and adrenal fatigue. In addition, this formula combines bioflavonoids in a 1:2 ratio with vitamin C to enhance its biological and antioxidant activity, and help counter oxidative damage that increases during stress.*

    Pack: 90 tablets
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