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Berberine (formerly Berberine-500) - Thorne

Berberine (formerly Berberine-500) - Thorne

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Berberine (formerly Berberine-500) in New Zealand

A powerful botanical for heart health, immune support, weight management, and GI support

Berberine is a natural plant alkaloid offering multiple health benefits. Key nutritional features include maintaining already healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels, promoting GI microbial balance, and supporting healthy metabolism.

How to Use

Take 1-2 capsules two times daily or as recommended by your health professional.

60 Capsules

PS. This is the new formula:

The Thorne Berberine still contains 1g of berberine (from Berberis aristate),  in a 2 capsule serve (500mg/cap). However, Thorne have improved the formula by putting 550mg of the extract as a phytosome form. The 450mg Berberine HCL and 550mg Berberine Phytosome equals the same as the old formula of 1g of berberine.

This new form still offers the same berberine benefits but with an improved absorption rate due to the Berberine phytosome.

Berberine is a well-researched botanical with a long history of use in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal practices. Thorne’s high-quality berberine products contain the most researched form – berberine HCl – alongside the highly absorbable berberine phytosome, thus offering a wide range of health and wellness benefits.*

Who can benefit from Berberine?

  • Individuals seeking support for metabolic, cardiovascular, and GI health*
  • Anyone wanting to maintain normal blood sugar levels*
  • Individuals who want to support healthy cholesterol levels*
  • Women seeking nutritional support for PCOS-related symptoms*
  • A person seeking nutritional support for metabolic syndrome*
  • Individuals who want additional support for maintaining a healthy gut microbiome*

Benefits of Berberine:

Support for metabolic health*:

  • Supports healthy metabolism in several ways*
  • Promotes healthy blood sugar metabolism and insulin sensitivity*
  • Maintains healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels*


Support for weight management*:

  • Studies have shown that Berberine can be effective in helping maintain a healthy body weight*
  • Helps decrease abdominal fat and waist:hip ratio*
  • Supports metabolism of fat in the liver*
  • Benefits body composition*


Support for GI health*:

  • Supports beneficial bacterial balance in the gut*
  • Helps to maintain a healthy microbiome*
  • Benefits diversity of intestinal flora*


Nutritional support for women with PCOS*:

  • Supports healthy metabolism of fats and carbs*
  • Promotes hormone balance, like insulin and testosterone, that often doesn’t occur optimally in women with PCOS* 
  • Promotes healthy skin*


Key Features of Thorne’s Berberine:

  • Contains berberine phytosome for enhanced absorption
  • Contains the well-studied berberine HCl
  • Sourced from non-endangered species
  • Grape seed extract in the phytosome matrix protects the GI tract from possible berberine irritation
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