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Quicksilver Scientific

Bio-Age Reset Protocol- Quicksilver Scientific

Bio-Age Reset Protocol- Quicksilver Scientific

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Bio-Age Reset Protocol in New Zealand 

QuickSilver Scientific

Includes Patented and Patent Pending Formulas

Our Bio-Age Reset protocol is designed to optimally support your body’s detoxification pathways and toxic burden while setting the stage for resilient health. Taken on its own or followed by another Bio-Age module, this multi-product system will empower you with a fresh start.*


This 28-day protocol includes:

  • 2 Boxes – PushCatch® Liver Detox, which includes:
    • 2 bottles of Liver Sauce
    • 2 boxes Ultra Binder® Stick Packs
  • 2 bottles – Glutathione Complex
  • 2 bottles – Cat’s Claw Elite


Liver Sauce – This premium formula is a comprehensive detoxification supplement supporting bile flow and gentle movement of unwanted toxins through the liver. Phytonutrients in the blend tap key biochemical pathways to engage and support soothing detoxification.*


Ultra Binder® Stick Packs – Taken after the Liver Sauce, our binder blend contain a full-spectrum of toxin-binding agents to “mop up” a range of contaminants, preventing them from being recirculated throughout the body.*


Glutathione Complex – Plays a powerful antioxidant and detoxification support role by providing glutathione, milk thistle and B vitamins to support the critical multi-phase detoxification process and cellular energy production.*


Cat’s Claw Elite – Includes the Amazonian herb, Cat’s Claw, vitamin D, and the fatty acid monolaurin to aid immune defenses and a healthy microbial environment to further support healthy and effective detoxification.*

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