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    Fibroplex MagActive Powder (Neutral) 420g- Metagenics

    Fibroplex MagActive Powder (Neutral) 420g- Metagenics

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    Fibroplex MagActive Powder Neutral 420g in New Zealand

    Meta Mag® Magnesium And Active B's For Daily Magnesium Supplementation.

    Ingredients in Fibroplex MagActive Powder have been clinically shown to or may:

    • Help prevent symptoms associated with magnesium deficiency.
    • Support healthy muscle function.
    • Highly bioavailable Meta Mag® with active B vitamins, in raspberry or neutral flavour.



    Preventing magnesium deficiency and associated symptoms. Magnesium intake has been shown to be inadequate in teenagers aged 14 to 18 years (61% of males and 72% of females), and adults over 19 years of age were found to have inadequate magnesium intake (41% males and 35% females). Indicators of magnesium deficiency include muscle symptoms (weakness, spasms or cramps) and/or fatigue, which may be induced by conditions such as exercise or emotional stress.

    Magnesium has a relaxing effect on smooth muscle. It is used for muscular spasm, cramping and irregular contractibility of muscle. Magnesium is able to depress the excitability of the muscle fibre membrane and inhibit contraction to exert a muscle relaxant effect.

    Meta Mag® is a unique chelated form of magnesium. This form of magnesium has demonstrated superior bioavailability due to its ability to traverse the challenging forces in the digestive system.

    Fructose free. All Fibroplex MagActive Powders are naturally sweetened, suitable for people who are fructose sensitive.

    Vegan friendly: All Fibroplex MagActive Powders are free from animal products.

    Natural colourings: The raspberry flavour of this product is naturally coloured with anthocyanins derived from black carrot extract. As the anthocyanins mix with water and malic acid (contained within Fibroplex MagActive Powder) they turn blue, before returning to a red hue.

    Sweetening and flavouring for compliance. Patient compliance is paramount to getting results and taste contributes greatly to this. The Meta Mag® magnesium range provides a wide range of flavours to balance patient choice with therapeutic considerations. Some of the ways we achieve this include:

    • A dedicated flavour technologist to oversee taste trials, flavouring and sweetening.
    • Using the right sweetener for the right product.
    • Offering a range of sweetness levels to suit personal taste.
    • Fructose free options.
    • Use of natural colouring agents to enhance flavour perception.
    • Avoidance of artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners.



    Adults: Add 1 scoop (7 g) to 200 mL of water or juice twice daily.


    WARNING: Stop taking this medication if you experience tingling, burning or numbness and see your healthcare practitioner as soon as possible. [Contains vitamin B6]. This product contains selenium which is toxic in high doses.  A daily dose of 150 micrograms for adults of selenium from dietary supplements should not be exceeded.  Vitamin and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.



    Store below 30°C

    Pack: 420 g


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