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Hemagenics Intensive Care 30's- Metagenics

Hemagenics Intensive Care 30's- Metagenics

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Hemagenics Intensive Care 30 Tablets in New Zealand 

Enhanced Bioavailable Form Of Iron And Vitamin B Complex To Maintain Iron Levels.

Ingredients in Hemagenics Intensive Care have been shown to or may:

  • Assist normal red blood cell production.
  • Provides 20 mg of iron from bisglycinate.
  • Iron bisglycinate (Meta Fe®) is highly bioavailable and well tolerated.


Clinical Benefits:

  • Iron bisglycinate has been clinically shown to provide a highly absorbable form of iron with fewer side effects than ferrous sulfate. In a comparative study of 145 pregnant women, 15 mg of iron as bisglycinate and 40 mg of iron as sulfate were administered over 20 weeks. Results reported a significantly higher compliance rate in the iron bisglycinate group with 73% of women complying due to minimal side effects, compared to 35% in the ferrous sulfate group. After iron supplementation, low levels of iron were found in only 31% of women receiving iron bisglycinate compared to 55% in the ferrous sulfate group (Figure One). This study has shown that in spite of the lower dose, iron bisglycinate was significantly more effective than ferrous sulfate in supplementing iron. In another study, iron bisglycinate was shown to exhibit about twice the absorption of iron sulfate. Hemagenics Intensive Care also contains chickweed and vitamin C which is involved in iron absorption.

Figure 1 Hemagenics Intensive Care

Figure One: Iron Bisglycinate Compared to Ferrous Sulfate.



Adults: Take 1 tablet daily.



Not for the treatment of iron deficiency conditions. Vitamin and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.



Store below 25° C

Pack: 30 Tablets
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