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    Hemagenics Iron Maintain 60's- Metagenics

    Hemagenics Iron Maintain 60's- Metagenics

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    Hemagenics Iron Maintain 60 Capsules in New Zealand


    Iron, Specialised Probiotic And Vitamin C To Support Dietary Iron Absorption.

    • Support dietary iron absorption through the clinically researched combination of a specialised probiotic strain and nutrients.
    • Convenient daily iron supplementation to maintain normal iron levels without unwanted gastrointestinal side effects.
    • Reduce fatigue and maintain energy levels.


    Clinical Benefits:

    Hemagenics Iron Maintain provides a novel approach to long-term iron supplementation, to assist with low energy and absorption of haem and non-haem iron without disrupting gastrointestinal (GI) health. Nearly two in five Australian women (15 – 50 years) do not consume enough dietary iron, while over 50% of females who use iron supplements, do so for energy or low dietary intake. Increases in veganism, vegetarianism and flexitarianism have seen a subsequent shift in healthy iron status. While plant-based foods are rich in non-haem iron, it is harder to absorb than haem iron as sources often contain compounds such as polyphenols, oxalates and other minerals that impede absorption and utilisation. Hemagenics Iron Maintain combines Lactobacillus plantarum 299v, with microencapsulated iron and vitamin C, to improve iron absorption, reduce dosing requirements and prevent GI side effects.

    Clinical trials of 299v combined with ferrous fumarate and vitamin C show improved absorption of iron ranging between 23% to 50%. Studies in females of reproductive age show that when 299v is combined with microencapsulated iron, dietary and supplemental absorption increases by 23% compared to iron without 299v. Further research in 20 to 40 year old females found that the combination of 299v with iron and vitamin C, increased iron absorption by 50%. A randomised double-blind controlled trial in females with iron deficiency (in the absence of anaemia) found increased absorption of non-haem iron was significantly higher when consuming 299v fortified food, compared to non-fortified foods.

    299v and Vitamin C assists iron absorption and prevents iron loss in the following ways:

    • 299v adheres to mucin in the intestines, increasing secretory mucin which helps bind iron, assisting absorption and preventing iron from being passed through the GI tract. Iron transporters are also concentrated in mucin vesicles.
    • 299v helps produce organic acids (i.e. lactic acid), lowering local pH and converting iron into soluble complexes for improved absorption.
    • 299v activates phytases (due to increased lactic acid) in foods to hydrolyse phytates, reducing ability to bind to iron. Vitamin C further assists absorption of non-haem iron, while also counteracting the inhibitory effects of phytates and polyphenols on iron.
    • 299v supports a healthy GI environment through anti-inflammatory effects, maintaining both intestinal integrity and bowel regularity, while also exerting anti-pathogenic activity, and increasing short chain fatty acid production.


    Adults:Take 1 capsule daily.


    Vitamin and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.


    Store below 25°C. Shelf stable.

    Pack: 60 Capsules
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