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    MetaPure EPA/DHA 200ml- Metagenics

    MetaPure EPA/DHA 200ml- Metagenics

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    MetaPure EPA/DHA 200ml in New Zealand

    MetaPure EPA/DHA liquid contains highly purified and concentrated fish oil for clinically effective results. In healthy people, MetaPure EPA/DHA liquid can:
    - Provide anti-inflammatory support.
    - Help to maintain healthy blood lipids levels.
    - Support cognitive and nervous system health and function as well as mental wellbeing.
    - Assist in the maintenance of cardiovascular health.

    MetaPure EPA/DHA is a combination of highly purified and concentrated fish oil blended with citrus and berry flavours to reduce any fishy aftertaste associated with reflux. It represents the highest technology in purified fish oils and is purified via molecular distillation and then tested to ensure it is below the Australian allowable levels of pesticides and heavy metals.

    MetaPure EPA/DHA is sourced from small, cold water fish using eco-fishing practices.




    Adults: Take 4.2 mL daily with meals, or as directed.


    Storage Instructions

    Store below 30°C. After opening store at 2°C to 8°C. (Refrigerate. Do not freeze.)




    Pack: 200ml

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