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New Zealand Strength Institute

One-on-one Online Training Programme with Ali

One-on-one Online Training Programme with Ali

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One-on-one Online training with Ali (Personalised Plan)

Online Training in New Zealand

Ali will collaborate with you to design a training regimen tailored to your lifestyle, needs, and goals. Leveraging proven techniques and data-driven strategies, you'll be amazed by the results you achieve.

Your Objectives:

• Metabolic conditioning for fat loss

• Hypertrophy for muscle building

• Sport-specific conditioning for athletes

• Health transformation

• Rehabilitation

Our Process:

A solid grounding in strength training is essential, ensuring a foundation for preventing future injuries. We begin with a biomechanical assessment to establish your baseline, combining this with a personalised macronutrition plan using iNutrition Pro software. This sets the groundwork for a highly effective body transformation.

Subsequently, we craft the optimal programme tailored to your goals. Progress is tracked through physical measurements (utilising systems like InBody Scan, BioPrint, or BioSignature), as well as monitoring hormones, stress levels, and recovery rates (available at an additional cost if you're in Auckland).

Effective planning is key to success. We assist you in understanding your position in your wellness journey and aid in planning to achieve both short-term and long-term objectives. This programme requires access to a well-equipped gym.

What's Included in this Bundle:

• Four 3-week phased training programmes

• Initial 60-minute Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation (one-on-one)

• Biomechanical Assessment & Movement Screening (30 minutes)

• 3 personalised macronutrition plans on iNutrition Pro

• Personalised nutritional supplement protocol and recipes

• Monthly 30-minute progress call via phone or video

• 10% member discount on nutritional supplements from


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