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    Super Mushroom Complex 200g- Metagenics

    Super Mushroom Complex 200g- Metagenics

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    Super Mushroom Complex 200g in New Zealand

    High Strength Mushroom Blend For Immune System Support


    Ingredients in Super Mushroom Complex have been shown to traditionally, or may:

    •  Enhance the strength and function of the immune system.
    •  Provide symptomatic relief of upper respiratory tract infections including mucus congestion.
    •  Great tasting, concentrated powder.


    Clinical Benefits

    • Enhance and support the immune system: Coriolus can increase immune activation in those affected by mild viral infections. An intervention study on participants with viral antibodies showed a 77% T-cell activation plus an increase in natural killer cells (NK cells) of 35% after two months of treatment (Figure One). Ganoderma lucidum proteoglycan (GLPG) has been shown, in vitro, to exhibit strong antiviral activity. These effects may be attributed to its ability to inhibit viral replication by interfering with the early events of viral absorption and entry into target cells.
    • Reishi exerts immunomodulatory effects due to its ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides (GLPS). In particular, the active β-D-glucans have the potential to bind to lymphocyte receptors or specific proteins, leading to alteration of the activity of macrophages, T-helper, NK cells and other effector cells.


     Figure 1



    Adults: For acute: Add 1 level metric teaspoon (2.7 g) to 125 mL of water, three times daily for five days.

    Adults: For chronic: Add 1 level metric teaspoon (2.7 g) to 125 mL of water daily.


    Store below 30° C



    Not to be used in children under two years of age without medical advice.

    Not all cautions and contraindications are listed.

    Pack: 200g
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