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Body composition transformation 

I started working with Ali from The New Zealand Strength Institute as my coach 16 weeks out from my latest competition. Having previously competed before, he helped me transform my mindset to that of one of physique transformation through health. Ali has taught me a lot about the importance of rest and gut health, the roles of hormones on our body and mood, how to adequately use supplementation, and how to break plateaus.

Although I got much stronger through the course of my prep, gained muscle and trained harder thane ever before, the focus was always on working smarter, not harder. Ali supported my physical and mental health, as well as ensuring I progressed with training.

He uses extremely scientific methods to tailor training programs and nutrition. His work is all evidence based and he has a wealth of knowledge greater than any other coach I have encountered. All my programs were periodised and ensured adequate recovery at the end of each phase.

He also is willing to go above and beyond and was as passionate about achieving my success as I was. We have now been working together for 16 months, and he will continue to coach me for my upcoming competitions.

Together we achieved a first and second place medal and I am very much looking forward to what we can do together next.

I highly recommend Ali from The New Zealand Strength Institute as a coach to anybody looking to achieve their best health or athletic performance goals.

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