Testimonial - Juliet Esveld (Business mentoring)

Testimonials | Juliet Esveld

Business mentoring 

Doing education with the New Zealand Strength Institute transformed my personal training business to a successful holistic coaching business. Over multiple one-on-one mentoring sessions I learnt about effective program design, basic anatomy and nutrition, and invaluable business skills. We also did one-on-one sessions in the weights room focussing on proper technique and understanding how muscles worked. This I found incredibly valuable as it directly translated to sessions with my own clients.

The material was taught in an easy to understand way, I was provided with homework and templates to help me properly comprehend each lesson.

I really recommend education with The New Zealand Strength Institute if you are starting out in the fitness industry or wanting to take your already existing business to the next level. The lessons I’ve learned have helped me increased my salary to almost double, and I am now much more confident in my abilities.  My client’s results are a reflection of my knowledge- and I credit this to my learnings with The New Zealand Strength Institute.

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