Testimonial - Matt Irvine

Testimonials | Matt Irvine

I started working with Ali in March 2019 after wanting to delve deeper into nutrition and training and to train smarter, rather than harder. 

Within the first 9 months, Ali showed me a new way of looking at my body and how to get the most out of it by focusing on the right areas. Nutrition, supplementation and the right training regime helped me to achieve goals I never thought were possible. 


Ali always keeps me accountable and ensures I understand the “why” of what we are doing, and what that will mean for me in the long term. 


Both mental and physical health are just as important as each other to Ali and his knowledge of all facets of training and coaching, is the reason I have achieved what I have today. He takes a very holistic approach to both training and nutrition.  

I would recommend Ali to anyone who wants to transform not only their body, but their mindset on health as well. He is second to none as a trainer and I’m lucky to be able to have him as mine. 

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