Testimonial - Matthew Cockram

Testimonials | Matthew Cockram

I am delighted to provide this reference for Ali Khalilbeigi. I became a client of Ali in March 2019. At that time, I was 56 and was struggling with weight management and fitness. I was borderline diabetic. Over the years I had tried all manner of diets and fitness plans to various levels of success.  

After a ski trip in the US where I felt I had missed out on enjoying it as much as I should have, I decided to do something and was committed to making a change. A friend of mine recommended me to Ali. 

From the outset Ali has taken a holistic approach. We have worked on flexibility, strength and mobility in our training. Alongside that Ali devised a supplement and eating plan for me that has involved what is really a lifestyle change for me and my family. I have cut out: bad carbohydrates (bread, potatoes); sugars: dairy and other foods that have an inflammatory effect. I have reduced alcohol intake dramatically. These measures were designed to detoxify, reducing inflammation and generally improve the functioning of my body. 

I went through one intensive detox and diet period. Following that the combined effect of the diet changes, the improvement to my metabolism and increased fitness levels saw my energy levels improve significantly. I lost nearly 15kg of weight although the goal has always been more about lowering body fat percentage – through general weight loss but also increasing lean muscle mass. 

A few months into our training I injured my shoulder while out walking on the Coromandel. Ali’s own training and skills have been extremely helpful to my recovery from that injury.  


Ali is a highly interesting and interested person. He is highly informed and knowledgeable about all aspects of health, fitness and well-being. He brings all of these skills and qualities to bear in his training. He is more than a trainer – as his focus is on general well-being and health. He has become a dear friend. 


I feel privileged to know Ali and look forward to my sessions with him each week. He has been instrumental in helping me making the changes I needed to set me up to be healthy and active for the rest of what I hope will be a long life. 

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