Testimonial - Oscar Luiz Junior

Testimonials | Oscar Luiz Junior


“For over five years now, I have had the pleasure of training with Ali. 


I went to Him because of his knowledge and education in strength training and Nutrition . Couldn’t be more pleasure with my progress and the amount of knowledge I have learnt from Ali’s (NZSI) mentorship and training in last few years. 

I was a professional paddler when I came to New Zealand, 10 years ago, to learn from the best and I put myself in front of some of the best water sports and strength conditioning coaches that New Zealand had to offer me and that’s how I met Ali. 

Ali has not only coached me to huge strength increase in my own training but also he has helped progress my own business as a strength conditioning coach.  


I can not speak highly enough of Ali (NZSI), what he has done for me as a athlete, coach and for my overall health” 

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